Top 5 Fun Card Drinking Games

What do you get when you combine a good company, fun activities and alcohol? Fun drinking games. With the spring on it’s way, teenagers start looking to try new and fun activities. Whether hanging out indoors or outdoors, teenagers usually need some alcohol to make the things more interesting, to break the ice and get to know each other better.

These games are especially designed for playing with alcohol on the table/floor and for the most part, they are simple games with only a little plan, plot or count involved. Aside from playing the ice-breaking role, games that include drinking are great for plenty of reasons. They are perfect when it’s raining or snowing and there’s not much to do, or when you just don’t feel in the mood to go out.

Fun drinking games can provide hours of fun, but also a headache, depending on your success in playing. There are different types of fun drinking games, but in this article, you can learn about these games with drinking that are played with a deck of cards. Here are the top 5 fun card drinking games:


brain damage card gameBrain Damage

Brain Damage is one of the most complicated, but also one of most fun card drinking games. Just after a few rounds, it becomes very easy and addictive. To play this drinking game, you will need a deck of cards, only with all the eights, nines and red-tens removed and a lot of beer, of course. Aces are worth a point, face-cards half a point, black 10s are wild cards and 2-7 are at their face (card) value. All cards are placed on the table, face down, so that everyone chooses a card to establish a dealing order. The highest card starts the game with dealing and so on from the highest to the lowest. No player cannot leave the game until he/she has dealt at least once.

The dealer deals 1 card face down to the first player and 1 to himself/herself. After the player looks at their card, he/she bets a particular amount of beer and asks the dealer for as many hits as he/she wants. If the player or the dealer go over 7.5 points, they must announce the fact and drink the bet. After the player has taken as many hits as wanted and didn’t go over 7.5, the dealer turns over his/her card and then hits until the dealer thinks the other player is beaten. If the dealer is busted, he drinks the beer-bet. If the dealer is satisfied with his/her hand, the player turns over his/her card and the lowest total drinks the bet. In case they are tied, the player drinks the bet. The dealer then continues with the next player, doing the same until the deck has no more cards. The game lasts until everyone has dealt.


indian poker drinking card gameIndian Poker

This is definitely one of the simplest and dumbest drinking card games. Indian Poker is known as a silly drinking game, but it still can provide hours of fun and some high buzz, and it’s better suited when the players are already drunk. The dealer deals a face-down card to each player. Without looking at the card, all players place their cards on their foreheads with the face out. Every player can see the card of all the other players, but not their own. The dealer starts the “poker” by betting a number of beers (or other alcoholic drinks) that they have the highest card on their forehead. Every player calls the bet or raises the bet, while those who don’t think they can win can fold by taking as many beers that the current bet is at. The player with the lowest card is the ultimate loser – he/she drinks the total of the bets.


kings drinking card gameKings

Kings is a simple, yet one of the most popular drinking card games. This drinking game has simple rules (it can also be played in a bar), one deck of 52 cards and a lot of liquor or spirits, and the result can be a very high buzz. On the table, place a big container around which you will disperse the previously shuffled deck of cars, face down. Each player randomly picks a card on every turn and does what the rules say: Black card- don’t drink, Red card – drink twice, King – every player pours beer into the container and the 4th King – the player who draws the 4th king drinks the container to the bottom.


suck me drinking card gameSuck Me

These fun card drinking games have proven to be exceptional in breaking down the social barriers and one perfect example is the game called Suck Me. Best played with equal number of guys and girls, Suck Me is a game that can easily become your favorite activity. All players sit in a circle and the first player picks up a card from the deck of cards in the middle and holds it against using his/her lips and suction power. Then, he/she passes the card to the person on his/her left, who receives the card by using suction power as well. The card is carried until dropped. Both players involved in the card dropping must drink as much drinks as the number on the card. The game continues with a new card drawn from the top of the deck.


drinking card gameSnap

Snap is not an intellectual game that requires some verbal skills or physical abilities, just like most fun drinking games with cards. To start playing Snap, you need several people sitting around a table, of which one should be the dealer. The dealer starts placing cards down, face up, one at a time into a pile. As the dealer is placing each of the cards down, the other players call out the face value of each card. The fun of this game starts when two cards with the same face value come in a row. The first person to bring his/her hand down onto the top of the pile of cards drinks as many drinks as there are cards in the pile. After this, the dealer clears aside the old pile of cards and starts a new pile. Rounds end when the dealer’s deck is out of cards. After each round, a new dealer should be selected. One tip: the dealer should not be involved in “snapping” the cards during his dealing duties.