2016 Presidential Debate Drinking Game

2016-presidential-debate-drinking-gameThe first 2016 presidential debate between the notorious Donald Trump and the highly-motivated Hillary Clinton that happened on the 26th of September inspired us to create a new drinking game to make their weird duel even more fun.

Since drinking alcohol (we prefer beer for this game) makes everything better, the millions of people who will spend 90 minutes of their lives for this weird debate with a bunch of insults, lying and if I may, stupid reactions might as well enjoy it a little bit. So, read the rules and the keywords for this 2016 presidential debate drinking game, the next 2016 presidential debate dates and the places you can play this drinking game at with food specials and award prizes to winners.

Rules and Keywords:

First of all, we recommend a six-pack of beer for this game. You don’t need to drink yourself out while playing this game because it’s all about having a good time while watching this debate. Beverages with a higher percentage of alcohol can be dangerous, so we encourage you to play this game ONLY if you can legally drink alcohol and YOU DON’T DRIVE after that. You need to choose which side you’re rooting for, the Democratic or the Republican. Trump or Hillary. Now, because both of them are pretty predictable about what they are going to say or what they are going to do, players must drink to that. And most importantly, no matter which candidate is your favorite, if either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump smiles weird, drink up. If either one of them mentions Gary Johnson or Jill Stein, asks their opponent about their health or starts talking about the Trans-Pacific Partnership, DRINK UP!

Donald Trump’s Supporters Should Drink Up When He Says:


Hillary Clinton’s Supporters Should Drink Up When She Says: