The 5 Best Drinking Games With Cards

5 drinking games with cards

Wondering how can you have fun with all the alcoholic drinks in your fridge? Invite your friends over, get a deck of cards and try one of the following fun drinking games with cards.

Most people, when thinking of drinking games with dice, or cards or coins, get an idea of a group of students playing cards in a basement just to get drunk. Get this picture out of your head, because that’s not true. People have been playing drinking games for centuries and we are not speaking about teenagers only, but adults as well. These games are played by legal drinkers of all ages both in homes and in bars. Some play easy drinking games with cards just for a quick and fun buzz, while others get into a winning mode and engage in battles. Here are the best card games that can turn your ordinary “poker night” into “special poker night”.

  1) Beer 99:

This is among the most interesting drinking card games and it requires basic maths and a lot of drinking. The target of Beer 99 is to play cards into a pile and get the pile value equal to 99. The dealer starts the game by dealing 4 cards to each player, then putting the rest of the deck faced down, only with the top card face up. In turns, each player plays a card and keeps track of the total value of the pile in mind. But some cards have special meanings:

  • Fours: can be either used as a skip card when the player has none to play or for passing the drinking duties to the next player;
  • Tens: are used to drop the value of the pile by 10, but only when the total value is in the 90s;
  • Kings: are used for avoiding to drink or passing the drinking duties to another player (tip: use it at the near end of the game);

After you play a card, draw another one from the deck. When the deck counts no more cards, reshuffle the already played cards and start playing with them again. All players must drink whenever the total value of the pile equals a number ending in 9 (49, 79, 19, etc.). The player who plays a card to a special social (69 and 71), drinks twice. When a player throws down the card to equal 99, the next person drinks ½ glass, unless he/she has a King.

  2) You Bet Your Liver:

You Bet Your Liver is the simplest of all the drinking games. To start this game, you need at least three players, a deck of cards and a large container. One player starts the game by pouring any amount of beer into the container, which is in fact his/her stake bet. Then, he/she calls out black or red and the dealer turns over a card from the deck. If the player’s guess is correct, the container is passed to the next player, who also must add a stake bet. If the player’s guess is wrong, he/she drinks the container to the bottom. If three players guess correctly in a row and you are next, you are in a big trouble.

  3) Queens:

If you are looking for games that provide a medium-level buzz factor, this is the best one – Queens. The requirements of this game are players, a deck of cards and a lot of beer. Shuffle all the cards and spread them out face down in a way that players can choose whichever card. In turns, each player picks a card and does what the rules state:

  • 1 to 4: the player who picked the card drinks as many drinks as the number;
  • 5: change of direction;
  • 6: player on left of the card picker drinks;
  • 7: player on right of the card picker drinks;
  • 8: all players drink;
  • 9: second player on left of the card picker drinks;
  • 10: second player on right of the card picker drinks;
  • Jack: men drink;
  • Queen: women drink;
  • King: all players drink;
  • Ace the card picker choose a player to drink;


  4) Ride The Bus:

As one of the most popular drinking games, Ride The Bus is a must-try on your list. A deck of cards, a larger group of friends and a lot of alcohol is what this game requires. The dealer deals a card to the first (randomly chosen) player, who must say right away if the next card is higher or lower. To pass the higher/lower responsibility to the next player, he/she must guess three cards in a row (at least). For every wrong guess, the player takes a sip. For 5 incorrect guesses in a row, the player must “Ride The Bus”. The fun begins now. All cards are shuffled together and 5 are dealt face down on the table. Aces – 4 new cards, Kings – 3, Queens – 2 and Jacks – 1. All 5 cards are flipped over and if any face card is opened, the number of new cards are dealt face down and flipped over. This continues until no face cards are shown. The player takes a sip for every single card that has been dealt.


  5) Bluff Me:

Bluffing is certainly more fun when played with some alcohol in veins. This is one of those easy games with cards that involves a lot of drinking, playing and bluffing, of course. Each player is dealt with 5 cards and all of the remaining cards are laid on the table. Each card on the table is equal to 2 fingers of your drinks. Then in turns, the dealer turns over any card of the table. Players check if the reveled card has the same value as a card of their hand. If a player has, he/she can nominate 2 fingers to another player. But as the name of the game indicates, bluffing is allowed, which means the players don’t have to be honest. When you believe that you are being bluffed just to take a drink, you can say “Bluff Me”, so that the other player must show the card. If you were right about the bluffing, the player who was bluffing drinks double – 4 fingers of the drink. In case you were wrong about the bluffing, you drink 4 fingers of the drink. The game ends when all cards on the table have been turned over.

Drink Responsible And Do Not Drive After Playing One Of These Drinking Games With Cards!