How To Play: Chandelier Drinking Game Rules and Directions

chandelier drinking gameDrinking games can really spice up every party and they can serve as a great icebreaker.

Playing drinking games is also a great option when it’s raining outside and you can’t hit the bars, but you still want to have fun at home. You don’t need any fancy props – just some booze, friends and a will to compete and have a night to remember.

One of the most popular drinking games is the Chandelier drinking game. Having friends over for drinks can be even more fun once you learn how to play this exciting drinking game. Chandelier is a simple game and easy to learn, so everyone with a will to play and drink can participate in. This game is a combination of two well-known drinking games – beer pong and flip cup. You can try out Chandelier at your next party to spice things up.

To play this fun Chandelier drinking game, you will need:

  • Ping Pong Balls;
  • Round Table;
  • Center Chug Cup;
  • One Cup Per Person;

Make sure all of their players have taken their seats in a circle and that they have a red cup in front of them. Once everything is set for play and the players ready, you can start playing the Chandelier drinking game.

Chandelier Drinking Game Rules:

Every player has their own cup which contains the same amount of beer in their cup as if they were playing beer pong. Have all cups arranged in a circle and fill the large cup in the middle with beer. The Chandelier drinking game begins when one person bounces a ping pong ball on the table and tries to bounce it into a cup. If the player manages to bounce the ball into someone else’s cup, the owner of the cup has to drink the beer in his/her cup and then refill the same cup.

However, if the person bounces the ball into the middle cup, everyone has to drink their cup and then play flip cup on the edges of the table. The last person to flip the cup has to drink the beer from the glass that’s in the middle.

If the player fails to bounce the ball into anyone’s cup, the ball can be passed to the next person in the circle or can go to whoever catches it first. If the player bounces the ball into his/her own cup, then he/she has to drink the beer from the cup and refill it.

All players must refill their cups every time they drink out of their cups. The game ends when everyone is too drunk to play. Chandelier drinking game can get particularly fun when there are particular people targeted throughout the whole game. You need a lot of beer to play this fun and fast-paced game, as you will be going through it fast.

Warning: If the center cup is not hit much, the beer will become warm and this adds to the fun, especially late in the game. Please remember to drink responsibly and in moderation while enjoying this entertaining drinking game!

Drink responsible, relax and do not drive after playing Chandelier Drinking Game!