Fun And Easy Drinking Games

easy drinking gamesWhen thinking of easy drinking games, you probably think of a group of college students, getting drunk in a basement of a house. That might be true, but easy drinking games are not only for college students looking to get drunk in a fun way.

Drinking games have been present for a long time. They have even been played in ancient China and ancient Greece, when players used only dice to determine who drinks. To start a good drinking game, you only need friends ready to get drunk, a deck of cards, dice and of course, a plenty of alcoholic drinks. Aside from the drink, the easy drinking games at home do not require a lot of money and a specific set of skills for playing. Below you can learn a few fun and easy drinking games that can give you a buzz.

    1) Red Or Black: Let’s start with the simplest and easiest drinking game – Red Or Black. This games requires a deck of cards and can be played with at least two players, but the more players, the more fun. One player starts the game by drawing the top card from the deck and makes a prediction if the card is red or black. If he/she is right, nothing happens, but if the prediction is wrong, the player drinks. The game continues as all other players make a prediction and so on.

    2) Beer Pong: Beer Pong is definitely the most popular drinking game, as it is present in a lot of movies and is played at all student parties. To start this game, you will need at least two teams consisted of three players, a table, a ping-pong ball (or two) and 12 ½ full glasses with beer. Each team has six cups on side in a 3-2-1 (triangle) formation and each cup is filled with ½ pint beer. The object is to bounce the ping-pong ball in the opposing team’s cups. When a ball lands in a cup, one player of the opposing team must drink the content of that cup and remove the cup from the table. The team that eliminates all 6 cups of the opposing team wins. The losing team must also finish the remaining beer-cups of the winning team.

    3) Who Am I: Who Am I is one of the best easy drinking games without cards and is played with four players (at least), a card, a pen and a drink for everyone. Every player writes down a name of a famous person (real or fictional) on a card and the cards are being swapped between players without looking at the cards they have been given. Then, every player places their card on their forehead without seeing it, but the other players can see it. Then, turn by turn, players ask the other players yes/no questions that can help them to figure out who they are. Every time the answer is no, the players take a sip of their drinks.

    4) Everybody Drinks: If you were looking for easy drinking games with cards, you’ve just found the best one – Everybody Drinks. Just as all easy drinking games with cards, this one requires a deck of cards, 4 or more players and a lot of drinks. The rules are very simple. Every card lower than a 9 is removed from the deck and the rest of the cards are drawn. Around a circle, each player draws a card at a time and here is how the cards work:

  • 9 – person on your right drinks;
  • 10 – person on your left drinks;
  • Jack – boys drink;
  • Queen – girls drink;
  • King – person of your choice drinks;
  • Ace – everybody drinks!

When the last person takes a drink, he/she can add a number of 2-8 in the deck and make up a new rule.

    5) Power Hour! Power Hour is a fun, simple and easy drinking game, which can certainly result in one enormous headache the next day. In America, this game is a common event for persons that celebrate the 21st birthday and so reach the legal drinking age. The rules are simple – in one power hour, the players must take a shot of beer in every minute, which is 60 shots of beers in 60 minutes. Each player who succeeds in taking all 60 shots within the power hour wins, or loses, if they got really drunk.

    6) Flip Cup: Flip Cup is one of those easy party games that can provide a plenty of fun hours. Although it can be played with only two players, it is best played with four players or more. Each player has a cup, filled part-way to the top with the alcohol you have previously agreed. It is played in teams, sitting on opposite sides of the table. The object is to drink your drink as fast as you can, position the plastic cup over the edge of the table and flip it so it will land upside down. The first team to do so wins.

    7) Truth Or Dare Or Drink: This game is a drinking version of the iconic Truth Or Dare. As most easy party games, this game is played with at least three players and can get you drunk very quickly. You ask another player truth or dare. If the player chooses truth, you ask a personal question. Unlike the original version of this game, the player has an option to drink if he/she doesn’t want to answer your question. If the player chooses a dare, come up with some interesting dare, but he/she can also choose drinking instead of doing your dare. The game becomes more interesting when the players get a little drunk and are much more likely to do more dares and share more truths about themselves.

    8) 1-2-3: When it comes to easy dice drinking games, 1-2-3 is definitely the easiest and simplest one. It can be played by as many players as you want and is best played in a bar. All players sit around a table and each one takes a turn to roll the dice. The first player who gets a 6, names the drink. The next player who gets a 6, buys that drink and the third one, drinks it. If you are lucky enough to be the third 6-thrower multiple times, you can get really drunk for free.

Drink responsible, relax and do not drive after playing one of these easy drinking games!