5 Good Drinking Games For Two People or More

good drinking games

Indeed a good party does not require more than friends and a lot of alcohol to be great, but few good drinking games can certainly make your party unforgettable. The good party drinking games have many reasons why they are so popular.

For starters, they can serve as an icebreaker when the first people who arrive at your party are just friends of friends you don’t know that well. These games can be also your perfect plan B when it’s raining outside and you and your friends cannot go in a bar. Whatever you do while playing some drinking games remains between you and your friends, such as spilling alcohol on the floor, kissing, throwing up, showing naked parts or any sort of non-sense stuff. Except for the drink, the good party drinking games do not cost anything and you don’t have to be professionals in playing these simple games. All you need to throw a great party with good drinking games is a deck of cards, dices, quarters, alcohol and enough players (more players – more fun). Following are 5 good drinking games for a great party.

    1) Fast Questions:

This party drinking game is a simple, easy to play and a fun bonding game. As one of the most popular good drinking games without cards, this should be first on your must-try list of good drinking games. Every player turns to quiz one another. The first player calls out one player by his/her will and asks them a yes/no question. With no hesitation, the answerer should give an answer immediately. The game continues with the answerer asking another player a question without a pause, but the questions should not be same as the last one. Fast and snappy, with no laughter or thinking too much allowed. If a player is taking too long to answer a question, he/she takes a drink. After you finish the game, you will most probably have a lot to talk and laugh about.

    2) Circle Of Death #1:

Circle Of Death #1 is definitely one of those games that can get you really drunk. A deck of cards, a lot of beer and as many friends as you can invite is what this game requires. The cards are spread out in a circle. A player draws a card from the circle, as well as the next person. If the two players draw cards of the same suit, they both drink for as many seconds as the total value of the cards. For example, if they have a queen and 9 of spreads, they drink for 19 seconds, because face cards count as 10. The game continues as the next player draws a card and if that card is the same suit as the cards of the first two players, all three players must drink for the combined card value. When a card that doesn’t match the suit of the player’s card is drawn, it is discarded. The last player who draws doesn’t discard, but compares his/her card with the next player. The player who breaks the circle when drawing a card must finish his drink.

    3) Dice:

Before you start this drinking game, make sure you have nothing planned for the next few days. The risk of getting drunk by playing Dice is bigger than all other games with shots and good drinking games for 3 people or more. All players sit around a table with a big amount of your favorite alcohol for shots and two dice.

The game is very simple – you roll the two dice and drink as the following rules say:

  • For anything that counts 6 (2+4, 1+5) or any of the two dice contains a 6 (6 and 4, 6 and 2), take one drink;
  • For a double 2, 4 or 5, take as many drinks (2, 4 or 5);
  • For a double 3, the player is penalized twice for getting a double, adding up to 6, so take 4 drinks;
  • A double 1 or 6 is the “worst” that can happen in this game. The player who got a double 1 or 6 takes down a shot of whiskey or another spirit.

Every one of you must continue rolling the dice until he got one of the nine combinations that does not have to drink.

    4) Speed Quarters:

The drinking version is definitely more interesting than the original Speed Quarters. This game is not one of those good drinking games fun for only certain players, but of those good party drinking games that involve all players. All of you sit in a circle and two players sitting opposite to each other in the circle have a quarter. Once you say “go”, these two players start trying to bounce their quarters into the same shallow glass. The players can try as many times as it takes to bounce their quarters, but when one succeeds, that player passes his/her quarter to the player on their left. The game continues until a player who already has a quarter receives the second quarter. The player with two quarters must drink an amount of beer you all have previously agreed.

    5) 7, 11 Or Doubles:

This is the most popular dice drinking game. Like all good drinking games with shots, this is played with a pair of dice, alcohol (of your choice) and a shot glass. When at least four players are ready to start the game, fill the shot glass and roll the dice. If you get 7, 11 or a double, choose one player to take a shot. The fun starts now: while the player is taking the shot, you role the dice once again and hope for 7, 11 or a double. If you got 7, 11 or a double again, the player takes one more shot. You keep doing this until you don’t get 7, 11 or a double. However, you cannot touch the dice until the player that needs to drink touches the shot glass. If you do so, you take a shot as a penalty. When the player beats you (the player who rolls the dice), the dice are passed to another player and the game starts all over again.

Drink responsible, relax and do not drive after playing one of these good drinking games!